Driveway Cleaning - April - May 2016 Special

Professional cleaning of your Driveway!
Let us come and improve the curb appeal of your home in just a few hours.
Step 1 - Machine cleaning using a Bio-degradable Heavy-duty concrete cleaner and degreaser.
Step 2 - High-pressure professional Power-washer (4000PSI) that will remove any loose dirt of the smallest pores of the concrete.
Step 3 - Optional - 1 application of high quality penetrating sealer.

For ease of maintenance and to keep the concrete protected, it is recommended that you seal your concrete surfaces.
* Cleaning and Power washing only - One day process. $350 instead of $475 - That's $125 off!
* Cleaning, Power washing and Sealing - Two day process: $550 instead of $725 - That's $175 off!

What you need to do:
- Check your calendar for a couple of available dates.
  We'll need a 3 to 4 hours block starting at 8am or 12am
- CALL US TO SCHEDULE: (626) 592-1446

Getting ready:
Please remove everything from the Driveway prior to our arrival.
We recommend that you have all surrounding vegetation trimmed a few inches back from edges.
You will have to avoid using the driveway for 3-5 (cleaning only) or 48- hours (if sealing).
Turn off sprinklers for up to 3 days (if sealing).

The small print:
* These prices are for Standard size Driveways, up to 1500 SqFt. Larger driveway may cost more
* Stains & dirt embedded in the concrete or trapped under an existing sealer/coating may remain as they are and will not be removed.
* Stain removal is NOT included. Removal of embedded stains is a different process and can be discussed and priced if/as needed.
* Cracks, holes, patches, and other flaws will remain visible. Repairs of these can be discussed and priced if/as needed.

Service Area covered for this offer: