Concrete Services

Tile & Stone Pro offers the following Concrete maintenance and services:
Cleaning and Sealing existing concrete
Power Washing / Pressure Washing
Concrete Staining
Concrete Polishing
Concrete Overlays

Concrete Cleaning / Preassure Washing

Cleaning and Sealing existing concrete

Concrete Staining

 Concrete Cleaning / Preassue Washing
If you wanted to give your concrete the minimal "face-lift", this is the basic option. We will wash your concrete at 400psi and it will make a very big difference!

             Before                                               After

 Cleaning and Sealing existing concrete
Being a pourus material, concrete will absorbConcrete spills and get stained over time if not properly protected. If you want to keep your concrete looking good, it must be sealed.
This will include the Preassure Washing and then Sealer application.
As it is with anything else, regular cleaning and maintenance are required and will be considered good practice. However, once every few years, a professional cleaning and the application of new sealer is recommended (Sealers don't last forever).

                Un-sealed concrete                                               Ssealed concrete

 Concrete Staining
Concrete Staining will be the next step up. This is when you want to give your concrete a whole new look. You can choose single or multipile colors, different designs, etc.
Thie photos below can give you some ideas, but if you schedule an appointment we will bring samples, color-charts and more photos to help you choose the right design for you.
This can be done for indoor or outdoor concrete.